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/a-1 a jam to after we casted off and the boat was fully flanged. He was standing by to back the Ustamp ground the receiver was in by hand. We went to the fire boat dock and made minor repairs on the boat. He did a frame off a trannie to replace a circuit breaker and back track on a 6 inch port. Once the boat was salvaged the crew and I got drunk. This is the day we were told the gun turret was not watertight. We went back to the boat to check out the damage, here is the steering compartment of the turret. we found some plastic explosive residue and minor damage to the hull above the gun turret. Not sure why the blaster batteries were wired to the arms, but I assume if you are just floating dead in the water it is good to know where your gun is. We got some new sails and bolts and rigged the boat, it was about the time to rig the number 4 for the seas. We was about half way down the bay when we saw the spinnaker. It was the Wood Spring, I was the skipper and the same guy who had sold me the paddle wheel trannie. One of our school friends named Stan Hall was on board. He was cruising his 30 foot diesel, the boat was rigged in a fraction of the time that the boat took to sail down the river. We had a good time drinking and snooker fishing. The next day I headed up the coast to Port Jefferson to see what was going on, the boat was a real bummer. We hooked up with a boat named the Napolean who was sailing to Edgartown. I have no idea how this came about, but we hit it off and traded stories. The Napolean was full of crew, I was the only one there. I got into a whole shit storm in port jeferson. I was in a bar and watched a guy buy a couple of grams off a cop and talk to the bar owner. After a while the cop came over to us and asked us if we bought the stuff he had bought the guy off of. I had had too much to drink and got scared. I was hanging out with a couple of old high school buddies. It




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